Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can you believe this one?

This is the story of an elderly woman who took offense after the police or fire department had to take matters into their own hand when they couldn't wake her. I'm sorry, but for heavens sake, they were only doing their job! After all, if they would have found a dead body after breaking in, no one would even think of suing the city for it. They would say 'thank you for finding the body'. Maybe it's because I know of two recent cases where both people where found dead after the fire or law enforcement had to break in and find them. Maybe this woman is a bit dyslexic to not think about the whole picture. But again, maybe she is on a fixed income, but then the police or firemen or someone should come to her aid and help her. Why not take up a fund for her front door and locks rather than sue the city?


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