Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DTC members election

Each district, and we have 5 of them, get to elect 7 people to be on the town committee for the next 2 years. The reason I know so much about this group that till a few hours ago, I was running for a seat on the DTC. However, because they (the rules) only want 7 people from each district, I had to step down and let the others take my place. Problem is, two good people who should have stayed on and fight also stepped down, for the good of our district. I think we need to re-look at our rules. It's not fair to ask a good person to not get involved in politics if they want to, right?

A few years ago, we had 9 people from each district form the DTC but because of the indifference of a lot of strange people from each district, we very seldom had a quorum and there in lies the problem of the DTC, no one cared about what the DTC or any party had to say or do anymore. So, the party decided to make the membership 7 per district, maybe then the DTC could get a quorum. But now, because of what happen during the election, there are a lot of new people who want to get involved, and hat is a good thing. So why can't we go back to 9 people per district, or even make it more. if the people will be there. Isn't politics supposed to be something that EVERYONE is to feel proud of? It doesn't seem that my city has the full interest of the party at heart, any idea why?


  1. Democratic Town Committee, actually it's NDTC or Norwalk Democratic Town Committee. I just abbreviated it.