Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well it's taken me some time..

to pick up the computer and write again. I am so upset at all the men and a women that let us both down, I know that there will be some major changes. My husband has decided to step out of politics in our area completely. After what has been done to both of us, so am I. The ONLY thing that I will be involved in as a commissioner of the 2nd Taxing District's water and electric department. Since I LOVE the water department I want to make my job one of the best ever. I want to, as soon as I get swore in tomorrow afternoon, start putting together small sayings about our water, to go out on the bill, so that people can actually get information from a bill! Like " Did you know that you can save money by NOT buying bottled water? Since our own tap water is purer than ANY bottled water, you can fill a jug from home and use it all day long at work." After all isn't saving money the whole idea? Will let you know how tomorrow turns out!


  1. Mike is a political animal. Do you really think he can refrain?

  2. He is so angry with what they have done, I can believe him. After all, he has been involved in politics since he was 7 yoa, only got involved in the elected end of it w/i the last 5 yrs.