Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow today

You would think that we were in Chicago, it SNOWED ALL DAY LONG! That's right, it snowed 2 inches all day long. 18 hrs divided by 2 inches equals 1/9 an hour! Isn't that something! Might even make the pages if it weren't so silly! Only problem is, that it was never above freezing, so here is black ice and regular ice all over the streets.

Mike got up at 4:00 am and there was a tractor trailer that had closed down exit 15 on I-95 because of a bad accident. Well, because he gets on there, he figured it might not be the best thing for him to do, what with the ice and all, so he just worked from home today. He actually gets more work done here at home than even at work, so they never get upset wih him. And with him starting at 4:30 am or so, he's put in a full day before most people even get started!

See even having a snow day doesn't mean a bad day for everyone, some even get work done!

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