Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok now I can tell you..

Tonight I was endorsed by the DTC for the position of commissioner of the 2nd taxing District! In the December 15th blog I talked about the water department and how proud I was of this water treatment plant, remember? Well I knew then that I was being considered for the position, but would not tell anyone, didn't want to jinx it! Truthfully I had decided during the summer that I was going to run for a position this fall. Then, we lost a great man, Otha Brown, Jr. and a seat was made available. As I had been going to the 2nd Taxing District meetings for 3 years before my husband became a common councilman 2 years ago, I had more experience than anyone that the DTC could think of real fast. So, after waiting for formal announcement of a vacancy, we then had to approach the DTC tonight for my endorsement, and I got in!

If you want to read about the 2nd Taxing District or SNEW (South Norwalk Electric and Water) go to: www.snew.org

I can hardly wait till I get sworn in, will let you know when it is official! Ecckk!!

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