Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have been getting e-mails, texting and facebook messages about Massachusetts and their coming election on Tuesday. In just 2 days, folks there will vote in a special election to pick their next senator. The race is coming down to the wire, and they have to do everything they can to ensure that progressive champion, Democratic Martha Coakley wins.

Unless they can get everyone to join together in this moment, Ted Kennedy's Senate seat could fall into the hands of Scott Brown, Martha's opponent and a right-wing reactionary who has sworn to defeat health insurance reform -- the late Senator's life's work. Do you think the Senator would be happy with all the earmarks that have been included in the bill?

I know that this election is important to our president, what happens if she doesn't get in and looses to him?

I wonder if everyone would be so worried about an election if it were being held at a regular time, like in November like most elections are.

This seems to be more about the health insurance bill than what even I am aware of, I wonder what all it actually has?

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