Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike

Today is my husband's birthday, man is he getting OLD! Makes me think about all the things that we have seen in our short lives, from computers being one whole floor in the '60's to being something that we hold with just tip of our finger in 2010. From a country at a war that never was declared a war (Vietnam War) to a country that's in a war with no name (Bush's Folly or maybe another name that I don't know about yet). To cigarettes costing 20 cents in the '60's to almost $5.00 now. From using a slide rule to figure out complex math problems in the '60's to using a computer to figure out math problems that never existed before the dawn of the space shuttle! And the space program, remember when the first one, Sputnik 1 that went up in the sky for about 30 minutes (Oct 4,1957), and now we stay up in space on a space station for months at a time.

Make one wonder what the next 50 years will bring, will it get better or will it get worst? Only time will tell!

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  1. Whatever it brings, it should be exciting! Isn't this a great time to be alive?