Thursday, January 7, 2010

NDTC or Norwalk Democratic Town Committee

Well the elections are over. Some really good people running for re-election lost, and some nasty, mean people won. Isn't it a shame that even I can feel the shame of some of them winning? And I didn't vote for them, because they weren't in my district. O well, it will make for some interesting discussions this time! Maybe we will actually have people who want to be put on committees that will actually work for a change. I mean, last couple of years, there was an executive meeting that only met 3 times last year! (They are suppose to meet once a month!) There never was any committee to get anything done, and we wonder why we lost in the election? We couldn't even agree on what we wanted out of a mayor candidate!

I've already been told that the new group wants to have new committees like one for recruitment,to get more people involved in the party, one for fund raising year round, one for rules & regulations, one for just the elections, one for ... the list goes on, and they haven't even met yet! And this is just two new people with ideas on how to make a difference in the city!

Since I will not OFFICIALLY be on the DTC, I can' vote a the meeting, but guess what, I'm gonna go because my husband is going, and those people that don't like me will still have to put up with me! LOL And there is nothing they can do about it! So there! (That kinda sounds mean, doesn't it?)

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