Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chris Dodd

I guess by now you have all heard that Senator Chris Dodd, the Democrat from CT, is not going to seek re-election. There is a lot of hooping and hollering in the streets right now, and it's not because they want him to stay, thats for sure. I'm sorry, but I think that EVERY elected position should ONLY be for 2 terms, that's it! From the President to the Governor to the Mayor to the lowest dog chatcher that had to get elected. Each and every one should only hod the position for 2 terms, then they should give up and let the position go to someone else. That way more people get involved in politics and there is a much broader bank of people to chose from at election time.

Chris Dodd has been in office for 35 years! He is on his 2nd wife, with fairly young children, wouldn't it be nice if he were to leave for his family?

Thank you Senator Dodd for what you have done in the past for the people of CT & the USA but I think it is time to let someone else have a chance to help people like you have done.

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