Friday, November 27, 2009

250 miles from home

The other night we traveled over 250 miles to be with some of our family. As we were driving we could see diners that were popular, closed, forced out of business sometime within the past year. There were garages, restaurants, gas stations, doctors offices, all of them closed for business and the place up for rent. It got worse and worse the closer we got Canada, it was as if all of America was feeling the pinch of the times. When will it end? Is there any sign? I was hoping that we were starting to feel a little relief, but after seeing almost half of the state closed down I'm not feeling too optomistic right now. People who had jobs now out on the street, their family gone somewhere and the dad trying to find a job, it's just heartbreaking. I wish there and easy answer for everyone!


  1. The part that I find the saddest is that each one of these businesses represents someone's savings, and usually several peoples' jobs. It really is sad.

  2. Struggling in NJ....