Sunday, November 8, 2009

Had a beautiful day today..

Sometimes you just know that a day is going to be a beautiful day, well that's what today was! We drove around a Naval Base and my husband talked about how he and his college roommate would go to the PX and get liquor, etc. See, his roommate's dad was Lieutenant so his son could get on base with his authority.  Then he talked about working as a tailor for Navy officer's candidates and bringing uniforms into the base and having the guards at the gate salute them as they came in, full salute!  They had an officer's sticker on the cars that they used to drive into the base and even thought the guard knew who they were, they still had to salute~! Man would they get mad as the guys would smile as they drove by!

It was good getting away for a couple days, I think everyone should if they can. Even just going to a hotel/motel in the same town and just relaxing and not worring about anything often helps you clear your  mind, I know it has helped me a lot.

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