Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yesterday was my day

Yesterday was two of my three son's birthday! Yes, #1 was one day late when he was born, his brother, #2,  was 16 days late, #1 was born around 2 pm, #2 was born around 11:30 pm, but both of them were born on the same day, two years apart! And because they were born the day before a national holiday, they always were able to stay up on their birthday and celebrate! It seems that it was so much easier back then, before we, as a family, had computers, video games, I-pod, calculators.. the list goes on and on! Remember when the kids would go out and play for hours and no one had to worry about anything happening to anyone, except maybe a scrapped knee or scratch here or there. Seems like days were much easier back then, what happen? Anyone have an idea what happen to days like that? Wish I knew.

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