Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smething about our past president

Did you know that our last president has put us further in debit than all the presidents throughout history combined? Each and every war, back to the Revolutionary War and up to and including Desert Storm has cost us less than what we have paid to date, for the war that has no name. And our new president has only been in office for 10 months, so take the total of the war without a name, subtract the last 4 months, as anything before that would have still fallen under the guise of the previous president, and that would be how much this last war without a name has cost us Scary isn’t it!


  1. It's horrible.

    Mary have you considered / or are you on Facebook? I think you could get a bigger audience there and I would recommend you. Your posts are worthwhile and I would hope be further appreciated.

  2. I am on facebook, and I rattle some times. I sent the first link to everyone that I know, and I guess a lot more read it than what I thought. But as long as I know someone reads this it's ok. Really.

  3. Bush was a spendthrift. That is beyond dispute. But you have to include the spending that has passed since Obama took over. Last fall's bailouts were on Bush's watch, but the bailouts that have passed this year are ALL Obama's responsibility.

    It's a red herring to claim that Obama is only responsible for this fiscal year. He signed some historically large spending bills. It is disingenuous to blame Bush for things with Obama's signature on them.

    Bush spent enough without blaming him for Obama's spending. Blaming the last administration is really getting old. It's about time Obama and his supporters accepted responsibility for his time in office.