Friday, November 6, 2009

A long way from home..

It's the Friday after the election. I've had time to lick my wounds (you'd think I lost, LOL) and since my husband already has plans in the works, I'm not worried, even though I never was really. Just think, we get back our week days and nights again! No more juggling every weekend with three or four places to go!

But I have a problem,  we have to go 80 miles one way to the wedding on Saturday afternoon, We have to be there Saturday by 6:00 pm for the rehearsal, and the wedding is at 2:30 pm Sunday afternoon The hotel will let us in at 4 pm and out by noon or 1 pm, so if we check in right at 4 pm and get where we have to by 5:30 pm we will be ok. But, until I checked my notes, I thought we were going to drive around for 5 hours. Man, was I glad that I checked my notes!

Notes are very important, in all manners of our daily live! I'll get back to you Sunday evening, have a good weekend!

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