Friday, November 20, 2009

Had fun last night

I won free tickets to go to the IMAX Theater at The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk last night and got to see the special showing of 'The Light Before Christmas'. Since IMAX is just so neat, I got passes for my husband, my son & his daughter, my granddaughter. She is only 3 and had never been to a movie, so we were just a little bit worried. But as the theater filled up with almost more children than adults and some of them even younger than she is, I started to feel a bit better. As the lights started to tune down I was paying special attention to her, but I had nothing to worry about. She was riveted to her seat, watching each figure grow to above life size. As I was able to watch the story of a 'Night Before Christmas' unfold before my eyes, she never moved! Not for the entire show! And when it was over in less than 35 minutes she said "I love this, my movie, the bestest of ALL movies"

Isn't it nice to be a kid again, and have no worries. Everyone needs to be able to escape, if only for a little while, from reality. Do it this weekend, if not for yourself, for my granddaughter, so that you might have the 'bestest of all time'.

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