Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cigarettes vs marijuana

The cost of cigarettes keeps climbing and climbing. In some areas it is up to $10 a pack! They (the government) say that this is the easiest thing that they can tax, tax cigarettes and because of the people who have to be on them, they will pay, no matter what the price is! No matter that we, the government, let people use a drug that somehow is legal, we let them destroy their bodies with either 1st or 2nd hand smoke, but we won't let people who need marijuana, for medical use, be able to use it. We even have some states (more than I want to admit) that can put a doctor or patient in jail for using the drug that can help them that's not a pill or syrup or even monitored by a pump. I have been told, that because the government cannot control marijuana yet, they refuse to consider it. Why do they hurt people who need it to be able to live with their pain easier, and yet just tax cigarettes, when it is a proven fact that cigarettes do nothing good for anyone! Strange isn't it? I remember being able to buy cigarettes for my dad for 25 cents. They sold cigarettes and booze to minors in the 60's. If it were tried today, we would be putting the sellar in jail, how different 4 decades make!

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  1. Are you getting old? 4 decades... wow! There are a few states that have legalized medical marijuana. I think Oregon is on that list. I know that it is also available in San Francisco although I don't know what the legal status is.