Monday, November 2, 2009

Is today finally over?

Mike had off from work  so that he could go down to the train station and talk to people today. But, since he has also been feeling a little under the weather, I've been a bit concerned about what he might have, so when he said at the last minute that he would not be going to the train station, I was relieved. But then he said that he wanted to see a doctor about his foot, so we spent 1/2 the day either trying to see a doctor, or driving around with GOTV signs. See we had the GOTV signs that went up all around the community telling people that a van will pick them up at a certain time and place take them to their voting place if they needed a ride. As a lot of the signs went out to senior centers and large apartments that don't have cars, and it's hard for the people to get around. I spent 2 hours putting up 5 sings. Finding the area was tough, some of the areas stood out easily while others were hard to find. But I think I found them all, and hopefully a lot people will use the free vans and vote tomorrow.

Tomorrow's the day, give me strength. My husband has my son and myself getting up at 5:00 am and checking all voting places to make sure his signs get put up right. I let you all know what happens late, no matter what .

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