Saturday, November 28, 2009

National Guard ??

Why is it that some states have been called to duty in Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan more than other states? Or so it seems, as here in a northern state at least 3,000 men have been called to duty 4 times so far! FOUR TIMES! And they may be getting called up again! There are some cities, that when the firemen, police, mayor, business owners, doctors and hospital workers were called up the first time, the women were forced to work. And when the men came back and wanted their old jobs back, the woman didn’t want to give them back their jobs! They liked them!

Isn’t the National Guard supposed to be a group that stays at home and protects us in case of a natural disaster! Like calling in the National Guard when a hurricane hits the south? Or an earthquake hits an area, aren’t we suppose to be able to have our own troops close by so that when we need them they are there so that we can send them out somewhere that we want them to go to? Am I wrong in thinking something is wrong here?

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