Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sen. Joseph Lieberman's home

A lot of people came out today, about 500, candles bright, hoping that Senator Lieberman will keep the public option in the proposed health care reform bill, and let the bill come to a vote in the Senate. It amazes me that just one vote can carry such a big responce from the people who voted for him. Maybe they will have to reconsider their vote!


  1. Did you know that the AP published a poll last week showing that only 31% support the Democrats' health care plan? 61% say that they should work at it until they can get something the Republicans can agree to. You are in the minority on this one. It's the public option that probably cost your husband the election earlier this month. The people of this country strongly disagree with you guys on this one.

  2. Lieberman is an ass - I'm thru with him completely.

  3. No the public option did not cause your husband the election. Racism and ignorance and the terrible economy did, regardless if he has no connection to any of that. Health Care is the only thing going in a positive direction these days hopefully...

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  5. Racism? Ignorance? Economy? You've made your charges, where is your evidence?

    What evidence is there that racism played a role in Mike's defeat?

    Ignorance? Again, where is your evidence? Is it your position that anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant?

    Economy? I will concede that you may have a point because Americans are angry about the economy. But the other 2 charges seem kind of thin to me.

    As to health care being the only going right, I remind you that you are in the minority with that viewpoint. Only 31% of Americans like what is going on in Washington with health care. Polls indicate that over 90% of people are happy with their health care. With a broken economy and 2 wars to fight, why are they focusing on something that most people are happy with? It makes no sense.