Saturday, November 14, 2009

A thousand things to do but...

There were a thousand things that had to be done today, but it seems that not one got done today. What with the rain, the guys couldn't cut the tree down in the rain, so that didn't get done. Then, talking with a friend about issues was a bit educating. Seems that people, even today, don't understand the value of being a Democratic or Republican! You either are one party or another, and if you are the wrong party then you can't talk to the other party! Isn't' that a bit ridiculous ? And the people doing the talking are older than either on of us! If I talk to someone I don't care if he is a Martin from outer space, if I have something that both of us want to talk about, we will talk and no one had better say anything to either one of us, ever! But, instead of talking to me, they will call and tell everyone else what they think about me and the Martin talking. Don't we know better, what if someone else knew that we were talking! O my! Isn't life interesting!


  1. Do you read my blog? If you are sincere about talking with the other side, it starts by listening to the other side. My blog might be a good place to start. At least you know the author.

  2. It's very polarizing here in NJ.