Monday, November 16, 2009

A fresh idea

I have been talking with the Secretary of State and the Chairwoman of our State party today. Because we have an election coming up in March for town committee members and a chairperson, vice-chairman, treasurer, secretary, etc. I think, that, as a result of the election where most of one party lost, and most of the other party won, we need to step back and regroup. Each and every one of us. We need to find out what went right, because I'm sure there were right things happening around the state, and what went wrong and correct them so that they NEVER happen again! We need training! People are thinking about running for different positions in the local towns, but if they don't know what this job entails, how can they do the job right? It's not fair, today, to expect a person to take on the role of Chairperson of a city if they do not know what they are getting themselves into! Am I right, or am I wrong? What do you think.


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  2. I completely agree and would also challenge younger people to get involved. They came out in such numbers for the election - they're out there.